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A popular engagement calendar since 1935, the Scull-Craft Calendar is produced on high quality paper, perfect for writing on (and erasing) and is considered the number one “green” calendar available. Our calendars reduce the amount of paper used while maintaining the same quality by printing the months on both sides and using non-glossy recycled paper. Perfect for a thoughtful gift, your office staff or fundraising for your organization.

Spiral Bound

Scull Craft Engagement Calendars

Cord Hole

Scull Craft Engagement Calendars

I have been using the Scull calendar since I was first employed at the National Institutes of Health and following my 38 year career I have been using it every year to date in my retirement!

Jane Sundelof Jones

Each year she would carefully transcribe the dates of births and deaths, when houses were bought and sold, the acquisitions of pets and appliances and children, when vacations and hospitalizations took place – all the important stuff of a typical, 20th century life. It’s a delight to read them.

Janice McSherry

Thank you for these wonderful calendars once again! (This was year 55!) Have all of them saved—precious record of our life.

Karen Belknap