August 2016 – GOOD NEWS

We are proud to announce that a new family has decided to become even more involved with the Scull calendars by taking up the efforts needed to continue to produce them, as this family has been doing for the past eighty years. Let me introduce Allison Leet and share part of her background with the ScullCraft calendars and her feelings about the importance of carrying on the tradition of the Scull family.

Allison grew up with a Scull-Craft calendar on her kitchen wall, next to the home phone, in Pittsford, New York. There has not been a year that she can remember that did not include this elegant calendar to keep her and her family organized. Perhaps part of her sound organizational skills started with the Scull calendars. From Girl Scout events, to babysitting jobs, to college classes, to managing a busy family and work schedules, this calendar has been at the heart of it all.

Upon hearing that the calendar would no longer be available, she sprang into action and contacted us. We are proud to announce that Allison will now carry on our beloved calendar business from Fishers, New York, with the help of her family; husband Joel Sherman and children Natasha and Slava, and lets not forget Daphne, the family beagle.

A comment that she made in her initial letter to us was, “I love these calendars and want to see them continue for the many others that love them too.”

Priscilla and I are really happy that there will be a 2017 Scull-Craft calendar!

Enclosed is a new 2017 order form and an envelope with the new mailing address for your use. Note the new fax number or check the web-site,

Priscilla Scull Burnham and Lou W. Chappell

P.S. I look forward to serving you for many years to come! – Allison Leet

Thank you for maintaining the elegant design and the quality printing and paper. Best wishes to you for a peaceful 2018.
~ Janice McSherry   (read more)
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