December 2017

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” ~ Theophrastus

Thank you for letting us help you keep track of your time with the Scull-Craft Engagement Calendar!  

There is something very special about sending these calendars out to all of you; knowing that we are sending a useful tool, a journal, a new set of twelve months to fill up with your special appointments or notations about the day; perhaps marking a family event, when to plant the tulip bulbs or even the time and color of the sunset.  Whatever is noted, is it important and it is yours.   So many people tell us these calendars are a keepsake, a record of years past.  Many have decades of history to look through, like I do, by having my Mother’s years of calendars.  They are precious!

We are grateful for your business and want you to know how much it means to us to be able to still supply these elegant calendars.  

From our family to yours… may you have a wonderful holiday season and joyous New Year!   

Allison & Joel (and Daphne)

I have been using the Scull calendar since I was first employed at the National Institutes of Health and following my 38 year career I have been using it every year to date in my retirement!
~ Jane Sundelof Jones   (read more)
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