June 2024

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Dear Scull-Craft Calendar Customers,

We are happy to let you know that the 2025 calendars are ready to start shipping at the end of June! How can it be that we are already half-way through this decade!

We updated our website and hope you find it easy to navigate to place your order online, or you can order by phone 585-924-8970 or fax 585-924-8905 or regular mail. Our printable order form is also on our website; and for those that have requested it; we are mailing the order forms out to you soon.

Our prices have increased this year to cover our ever increasing costs but, we still believe we have one of the nicest calendars for a good price. We hope you agree. There still is a significant quantity discount for a dozen or more calendars. We thank our suppliers for their continued excellent service in printing and binding our calendars; and in taking your calls and supporting our website.

Joel and I are thrilled to have another birthday to track on our calendar this year as our first grandchild was born in March! For fun, Joel and I created a Spotify Playlist for Scull Craft Calendars with over 11 hours of songs that relate to the passing of time: https://spotify.link/bhUmeUkr6Jb Find the link to our Spotify Playlist on our website, hope you enjoy the music!

We thank you for your business and wish you the best though out the year,

Allison & Joel