November 2016 – Thanks Giving

Wow! We are amazed at the outpouring of support to our family as we have taken over responsibility for the Scull-Craft Calendar; and want to thank everyone for their lovely notes and stories! This elegant calendar has been a mainstay in many families for decades, ours included. Joel and I are so happy to be able to continue to provide this beloved engagement calendar!

On a day late in July 2016 as I stopped home from work for lunch, the mail had arrived and to my dismay I read there would be no more Scull-Craft Calendars! My family, like many Scull-Craft Calendar families, had used it for decades, grew up with it and now ordered it directly from Lou & Priscilla. So, I said to Joel upon finishing the letter; “Why don’t we buy it?” and he said “Why not!” So that is what we did.

Next thing we knew on August 18th; after dropping our son off to his first year of college, we were on our way to Marquette, Michigan to make the transfer of Scull Studios from its founding family to our family. It is with humble gratitude that we were deemed capable and worthy of carrying on with the production and distribution of this charming product that seems to delight everyone! Lou and Priscilla shared with us the ins and outs of the business as well as escorted us to meet the key Scull-Craft Calendar vendors. Twenty-four hours later we drove over eight hundred miles home with a vehicle filled with the Scull-Craft Calendar business, sign included! With Lou and Priscilla’s numbers at hand, we launched our own small business and have tried to replicate their successful business model with the goal of pleasing the many long time calendar customers. A heartfelt thanks to Lou and Priscilla for trusting us with their ancestral and heirloom product. We hope to honor it and the customers that love it for years to come!

After the shipment of thousands of calendars since early October, we can finally breathe again! We are happy to report that we are able to turn orders around in just a day or so (Joel packing, Natasha running credit cards, Allison creating invoices & shipping labels and Daphne, the beagle, getting under foot through it all). For four nail biting weeks we accepted orders, with the incredible support of the Michigan call center and our web master, and were waiting for the 2017 calendar to arrive from our printing and binding suppliers. Thank you to our wonderful suppliers that made this all come together this year at break neck speed!

To all the Scull Calendar customers—Thank you for your patience this year! We appreciate your vote of confidence in our ability to deliver. At this time of “Thanks Giving” we send to you our thanks and our wishes for a happy holiday season and a wonderful 2017!

With sincere appreciation,
Allison, Joel, Natasha & Slava… and Daphne

My mother introduced me to Scull almost 60 years ago. Her garden club was selling them as a fundraiser and I have looked at your family name daily (or more) since then.
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