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Jane Sundelof Jones

I have been using the Scull calendar since I was first employed at the National Institutes of Health and following my 38 year career I have been using it every year to date in my retirement!

Janice McSherry

My mother-in-law left us her legacy via the huge pile of Scull-Craft calendars we found in her home when she died in 2012 at the age of 99. The last few calendars were tattered and stained, because she carried them with her everywhere, in a tote bag attached to her walker. Like other Scull-Craft fans, she used them to record the past and plan for the future. Each year she would carefully transcribe the dates of births and deaths, when houses were bought and sold, the acquisitions of pets and appliances and children, when vacations and hospitalizations took place – all the important stuff of a typical, 20th century life. It’s a delight to read them. She used to purchase 20 or so as Christmas gifts; we are down to just 3 now (sorry, but that’s all we need!) I have taken on her practice and love to compare the …  Read More Janice McSherry


Hello Friends, My mother introduced me to Scull almost 60 years ago. Her garden club was selling them as a fundraiser and I have looked at your family name daily (or more) since then – and have bought them for my family & friends – Less now I regretfully say. Hope the move is successful for all. -Best Wishes

Karen Belknap

Thank you for these wonderful calendars once again! (This was year 55!) Have all of them saved-precious record of our life. Karen Belknap

Mimi Jones

Greetings fr. Athens Your/my steadfast calendar is more than #’s and paper. It is my history, my anchor, my posting for things to come. “Mimi, please don’t stop the calendars.” “Mimi has the calendar come yet? I need it!”… friends who join me in leaning on the #’s and paper! Thanks for continuing the calendar Priscilla and Lou! Sincerely, Mimi Jones

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